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KDI Media is a top rated, nationwide company who specializes in website builds, website rebuilds, search engine optimization and troubleshooting. At KDI Media we strive to connect with each client and their business to bring them the boom in their business they are looking for. Many top rated companies build and maintain their sites with KDI Media including Street Race Magazine, Drag Illustrated Magazine, Ship Your Boat Now and No Prep Nation! Join others in the booming business industry with KDI Media!

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KDI Media

At KDI Media we strive to meet all of our clients needs. Our goal is to always finish our work with happy customers.

Website Design
We put our heart and souls in to making your Company Website fit your business. Building websites for small business and large, we work with you to get the end results that work!
Malware Removal
It’s easy to end up with malware on your website if you don’t have proper security. We will go in, remove the malware and virus from your website, and set you up with proper security to keep you, your website and your visitors safe!
Go Responsive
Did your site get burned by Google for not being mobile friendly? No problem! We can get your site friendly for phones and tablets!
Shared Hosting
If you are a small business and don’t expect 1,000 or more visits per day, shared hosting should be more than enough for you! We would be happy to get you set up and keep you in-line with your budgeting needs.
VPS Hosting
It’s rare that you would need anything more than a VPS (Virtual Private Server), and we have a direct partnership with a great VPS host! MVCarpenter, Inc. has a selection of dedicated VPS systems with a low amount of clients per server. This will keep your site running fast and smooth without any issue.
Dedicated Server
A dedicated server is something that very large companies would benefit from. If you expect more than 20,000 visits per day or are streaming a large number of videos, I would recommend this option. We are happy to help you find a scalable and budget friendly solution for this.

Website Hosting

We have spent years building relationships with web hosts, along with testing their services to figure out what ones will work best for different website needs.

About Us

Over a decade of experience, put to work for you!

Our team has been working together for several years, each of us having over a decade of experience in Website Design and Development. We love our work, and love helping the online community grow!

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